We create display devices to monitor and control your systems...
...and software to modify and visually enhance your experience.
  • PLC Replacement
  • Monitor & Automate Machinery
  • Output Analytics for Data
Energy Storage
  • Monitor Energy
  • Tracks Trends to Increase Future Efficiency
  • View Data On the Go
  • Custom Instrumentation Clusters
  • Detailed Energy Diagnostics
  • Data logging & System Controls
Energy Storage
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Tracks Trends to Increase Future Efficiency
  • Remote Diagnostics
Andromeda's core technology fills a unique yet crucial gap in the transportation instrumentation market.

Our technology starts with our Studio Interface Kit which provides an environment for designing and implementing human machine interfaces (HMIs). Once these HMIs are complete we complement them with our Advanced Interface Modules to deliver a final solution to our customers.

With this design approach we are able to achieve rapid design and production of HMI products to enable us to quickly apply them to a variety of automotive applications.

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